This ensemble consists of Elliot Taggart - Bass, Damian Williams – Key/Vocals, Daniel Crane - Drums, Jesse Cryderman – Guitar, and Jordan Taggart – Lead Vocals…all proud residents of Chicago. Each member brings their own stylistic flare and have all been performing at the professional level for over 10 years, individually. Most bands have one or two standouts within the group, but TT boasts 5 equally talented individual musicians that raise each others level of play exponentially when they take the stage together. These same artists have performed all over Chicago at most of the live music venues, as well as drawing a consistent, super-high-energy crowd at their twice a month residency at Underground Wonder Bar.



Taggart Transcontinental has been performing all over Chicago for the last 7yrs. The bands sound is one all in its own, mixing Live Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Jazz, Funk, Jam and whatever moves the Soul. Though they released their first CD "Breathe to a Beat" in 2010, their live show is not to be missed! Encouraging the audience to get involved, also joined by guest artist and it’s as if the show grows right before you! If you get a chance CHECK THESE GUYS OUT!! Also currently recording their second album which should be ready in 2016!


Photographer: Eric Langley